My hope is that you come into this with the tools and foundational skills of photography, as well as the passion for growing into a more well establishes business, and that you leave feeling more confident, knowledgable, and inspired. 






Our one-on-one session will begin on location, shooting models. We'll take turns behind the camera. We'll focus on posing, composition, lighting, and client interaction. This will give you an opportunity to observe and learn, practice shooting and build your portfolio. 

After that, you'll get a chance to be in front of the camera. This will give you an opportunity to experience what your clients experience being on the other side. You'll go home with portraits of yourself taken by me, which are great for website bios and business cards.



The second portion of the session will be focused on post process. We can grab coffee or dinner and sit down to review your images. We'll go through my entire workflow process with your images, including editing techniques. 



The last portion of your session will be focused on whatever the heck you want. Nothing's off the table. Let's discuss anything from building a contract, blogging, booking your ideal clients, you name it!





the total cost for a mentor session is $350

a 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your session date

the remaining balance may be paid at the session

there is no cancelation fee, however, deposits are non refundable 

if a model can not be found for your scheduled session date, the session may be rescheduled